Brian ‘Bill Wyman’ McCaffrey: From Trombone Tunes to Bass Beats with 50 Amp Fuse

Brian ‘Bill Wyman’ McCaffrey discovered his musical journey in the 5th grade when he picked up the trombone, developing not only rudimentary music reading skills but also an innate sense of rhythm manifested in his enduring foot-tapping habit. At the age of 13, he embraced the electric guitar, delving into chord charts and honing his craft by simultaneously playing and singing along to the Beatles’ complete songbook.

Despite lacking formal music lessons, Brian drew inspiration from iconic figures like Hendrix, Page, Zappa, and Young. Post high school, he found himself immersed in Buffalo’s vibrant music scene, working with a local production company, contributing to stage setups for acts ranging from local talents to national names.

Returning to Dutchess County after college, Brian utilized his diverse experiences by joining various local bands. For the past decade, he has been an integral part of the popular McCaffrey Brothers, showcasing his prowess on the guitar and delivering compelling vocals.

A pivotal moment occurred after a McCaffrey Brothers gig when Brian was approached to consider playing bass for 50 Amp Fuse—a band dedicated to celebrating the timeless music of the Rolling Stones. Despite having no prior experience on the bass, his familiarity with the Stones’ repertoire and the undeniable chemistry with the members of 50 Amp Fuse led him to embrace the challenge.

In just a year and a half since joining, Brian has evolved into a masterful bassist, and the chemistry within 50 Amp Fuse remains palpable, driven by a shared love for the iconic material. Being part of the band has injected new perspective and fresh energy into Brian’s musical journey, making the 50 Amp Fuse experience an integral chapter in his evolving story.

50 Amp Fuse - Stones Cover Band