Nancy Stonecypher: Harmonic Alchemist and Back-Up Vocal Dynamo of 50 Amp Fuse

Nancy Stonecypher, the vocal enchantress of 50 Amp Fuse, brings a lifetime of musical passion and a backstage odyssey to the forefront of the stage. Born into the jazz-infused world of her father’s music, Nancy’s earliest melodies were spun by legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles. Though her awareness of ‘pop music’ may have taken a backseat initially, the genius of these jazz maestros seeped into her soul, laying the foundation for her profound love for harmonies and compelling basslines.

Nancy’s journey into show business took a serendipitous turn as she pursued a degree in acting from Syracuse University. However, her destiny had more than just dramatic turns in store. To make ends meet, she ventured into the world of the Carrier Dome Stadium, initially as a stagehand. Little did she know that this sideline would blossom into a 35-year-long career as a union stagehand and camera operator, working behind the scenes of some of the biggest tours to hit the road.

The allure of the limelight never waned for Nancy. After witnessing the grandeur of the music industry’s biggest spectacles, she knew it was time to step into the spotlight herself. The turning point came with an audition to sing backup for the legendary Harry Belafonte’s European tour, even though the tour itself didn’t materialize. Undeterred, Nancy continued to pursue her passion for singing and performing.

Enter 50 Amp Fuse, a band pulsating with the love and appreciation for the Rolling Stones. Nancy found her musical haven with a group of dedicated musicians who shared her enthusiasm for the timeless classics. At an age where some might consider slowing down, Nancy Stonecypher is having an absolute blast as the back-up vocal dynamo of 50 Amp Fuse.

As the band continues to evolve and captivate audiences, Nancy’s harmonies contribute to the rich tapestry of their sound. Her journey, from the shadows of backstage to the forefront of a Rolling Stones tribute band, is a testament to the enduring spirit of a true musical adventurer.

“I couldn’t be happier to be part of the 50 Amp Fuse band! This project is not just a musical endeavor; it’s a kick-ass experience filled with passion, dedication, and a genuine love for the music that has shaped our lives. Here’s to the magic of the Rolling Stones and the joy of making music that resonates with the soul.”

Nancy Stonecypher continues to weave her sonic magic, harmonizing with the energy and spirit that defines 50 Amp Fuse, and leaving an indelible mark on the band’s journey.

50 Amp Fuse - Stones Cover Band