Mike Charter: The Sonic Journeyman Behind 50 Amp Fuse

In the pulsating heart of 50 Amp Fuse beats the soulful voice and magnetic presence of Mike Charter, affectionately known as Charter to his friends and fans alike. Born into a household pulsating with the rhythms of legendary tunes, Charter’s destiny was written in the grooves of vinyl records.

From a tender age, Charter found himself enveloped in the musical embrace of his parents. His father, a devotee of the Rolling Stones, created an auditory haven where the likes of the Beatles, the Who, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash found a home. At the age of 10, a Christmas gift became a portal to a treasure trove of musical legacy – vinyl records, hidden gems that had slumbered in boxes at his grandparents’ house. Among these sonic relics was a brand new album “Sticky Fingers,” a record that would plant the seed of a dream in young Michael’s heart – the dream to play and sing in a band.

As Charter embarked on his musical journey, he found not just melodies but lifelong companionship. Through shared passions, he forged bonds that transcended friendship and felt like family. The dream he harbored since the echo of “Sticky Fingers” resonated within him had taken root, and his path was intertwined with those of fellow musical kindred spirits.

The 2000s brought a serendipitous encounter with Steve Brybag, a guitar virtuoso whose prowess extended across Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer. To Charter’s delight, Steve shared an equally fervent love for the Rolling Stones. Their connection sparked an idea – why not create a tribute to the iconic band? Little did they know, this idea would be the ignition for something much more significant.

In a twist of fate, Charter and Steve joined forces to assemble a ‘Stones’ band for the Mazzstock music festival. The chemistry on stage was undeniable, the energy palpable, and the response overwhelming. The unanimous verdict after the festival was crystal clear – “Keep the band going.” And so, 50 Amp Fuse was born.

50 Amp Fuse has since evolved into a powerhouse, a tribute band that transcends mere homage to become a vibrant force in its own right. With Mike Charter at the helm, the band seamlessly channels the timeless magic of the Rolling Stones, electrifying audiences with a sonic experience that pays homage to the classics while injecting a fresh, dynamic energy.

Mike Charter’s journey from the gift of a record player to the helm of 50 Amp Fuse is a testament to the enduring power of music, friendship, and the indomitable spirit of a true sonic journeyman. As the lead singer, he continues to be the driving force, weaving the tapestry of musical nostalgia and contemporary vigor that defines the essence of 50 Amp Fuse.

50 Amp Fuse - Stones Cover Band