About 50 Amp Fuse:

50 Amp Fuse is a dynamic Stones Covers band hailing from the vibrant Hudson Valley area. Formed by seasoned musicians with a shared love for the timeless sound of The Rolling Stones, the band’s journey began at the Mazzstock Festival in 2022, where they delivered an unforgettable performance that resonated with the audience, sparking the decision to continue this musical journey together.

The Band:

Musical Style:

50 Amp Fuse captures the essence of The Rolling Stones with a laid-back yet cool vibe, delivering a passionate performance that oozes energy. Their renditions are faithful to the Stones’ sound, ensuring a genuine and captivating experience for audiences.

Signature Tracks:

From the haunting rhythms of “Gimme Shelter” to the NYC-influenced “Heartbreaker,” and the horn-infused “Bitch,” 50 Amp Fuse setlist includes Stones classics such as “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Sympathy For The Devil,” “Jumpin Jack Flash,” and many more. The band’s dynamic delivery of each song promises an unforgettable musical journey through The Rolling Stones’ iconic catalog.

Live Experience:

The band’s performances are marked by a vibrant energy that guarantees a good time for all. Whether it’s the jumpin’ beats of “Jumpin Jack Flash” or the soulful groove of “Miss You,” 50 Amp Fuse captures the spirit of The Rolling Stones, making each show a memorable experience.

Booking Information:

50 Amp Fuse is actively seeking opportunities in the casino scene and upscale venues, catering to an audience that appreciates the classic rock era. With most band members in their 50s, 50 Amp Fuse brings a genuine passion for the music and a laid-back yet cool presence to every stage.


For booking inquiries, please contact:

50 Amp Fuse

Tel:  (845) 476-9908

Email:  FiftyAmpFuseBand@gmail.com

Online Presence:

Website: www.50AmpFuseCovers.com

Social Media: 50 Amp Fuse on Facebook, 50 Amp Fuse on TikTok, 50 Amp Fuse on Youtube and 50 Amp Fuse on SoundCloud

Thank you for considering 50 Amp Fuse. Book the band, and you won’t be disappointed – experience the magic of The Rolling Stones brought to life!

50 Amp Fuse - Stones Cover Band

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